What Is an Exploration Call?

An exploration call is a free, 45-60 minute call between me and someone who is interested in becoming a client (perhaps, you, if you are reading this!). During the call we will discuss the challenges you are looking for help with and some of your personal context…what your life looks like, where you’re coming from, and where you’re trying to go.

It is very important to me that I work with clients I can actually help, because they are looking for support with something I’ve been through AND because they are ready to do this kind of work. Integration work is challenging but rewarding when you are ready for it, and painful or even distressing when you are not…if it even works at all. I don’t want you wasting your time or money hiring me if I cannot really help you. The exploration call protects us both.

Additionally, integration work often brings us face to face with deeply personal and painful truths. The process of being mentored will only work if you are able to develop trust in me as your mentor. The foundation of trust, in my experience, is good interpersonal rapport. The exploration call is thus also a chance for you to get a sense of how I relate with others, convey information, and offer support. Basically, do I communicate in a way that you resonate with, and do I make you feel safe and comfortable speaking with me?

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