I’m Elena Nola…

…and I’ve been where you are.

I am a certified Integration Mentor trained by Merja Sumiloff, creator of The 4 People Within (R). I came to mentoring nearly 15 years after graduating from college, after becoming a mother, getting divorced, losing every plan I had for my life, and realizing I was utterly burned out and depressed. Merja’s 4 People Within Course was instrumental to helping me find myself and my way again, years before I thought I would work in this field. I believe in her approach because it worked for me.

An INTJ in the MBTI system, I have as a super-power seeing patterns and the underlying connections between seemingly disparate topics. As a mentor I turn that lens onto the ways past events and old beliefs influence current behaviors, perceptions, and emotions. I am trained to use the 4 People Within approach with clients, paired with deep listening and a holistic, whole-self perspective.

Part of the ethos of mentoring is to work with clients who are faced with a challenge the mentor has already overcome. I spent decades of my life living out of alignment with my natural energy flows and oblivious to my real gifts, because they did not match what was “expected” by my family and culture. I spent just as long blind to the ways my fears (of being alone, or abandoned, or left without a family, or…or…or…) and inherited patterns of defensive relating were running my choices in relationships and leading me to compromise my own needs and dreams.

I specialize in helping clients to optimize their lives based on personality dynamics, and in supporting clients who want to stop relating from a place of fear/internal insecurity. If you relate to my story or approach, set up an exploration call with me! I believe strongly in synergy and synchronicities – if you found me and feel resonance, it’s probably for a reason!