I’m Elena Wolf…

…and I would love to hear your story.

I believe that feeling truly heard and witnessed by another human being can transform our experience of life. So many of us are carrying heavy burdens of pain, uncertainty, distress, fear, and shame – often simply because it seems that no one else is having the same experience! We carry our pain alone, and it never leaves us. It just gets heavier with time. When we are able to bring it out into the sunlight of another person’s compassion, that burden grows lighter. When we hear someone say, “I have been there,” or “I have heard so many stories from people who experienced something similar,” our shame evaporates. We’re not alone in feeling this way! We’re not some freak or weirdo for struggling with that task or that experience! Oh!

I came to mentoring 15 years after I graduated from college, after becoming a mother, getting divorced, losing every plan I had for my life, and realizing I was utterly burned out and depressed. I spent several years as an MBTI/Jungian type enthusiast before training in Merja Sumiloff’s 4 People Within method (2019-2020). Since fall of 2020 I have been working directly with Dr. Dario Nardi using his “Magic Diamond” 8-function model and emerging “sub-types” approach to psychological type.

Learning type was life-changing for me.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it saved my life. I spent three decades living out of alignment with my natural energy flows and oblivious to my real gifts, because they did not match what was “expected” by my family and culture. I was burning myself out, trying to do too much of the wrong things and not enough of the right ones, constantly judging myself as a failure despite being able to accomplish any tangible goal I decided to try, and feeling like an alien injected into a human body because my inner experience seemed so unlike that of anyone else I knew. Discovering what it MEANT to have the type preference that I do (INTJ) helped me contextualize all of these experiences and calibrate myself to a more accurate set of expectations.

I grew up in an environment of fear-based relationships that lacked depth, intimacy, and emotional safety. From the time I was a teenager, I’ve worked to remedy those lacks in relationships with friends and “soul-tribe” of like hearts and minds. Along with type, I have studied relationship theories and communication skills in depth.

As a coach, I specialize in helping clients to optimize their lives based on personality dynamics, and teaching relationship skills so others can stop relating from a place of fear/internal insecurity. If either of those goals resonate with you, set up an exploration call with me! I believe strongly in synergy and synchronicities – if you found me and feel a connection, it’s probably for a reason!