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Hi! I’m Elena Wolf (Elena Nola is my literary identity for poetry and cultural commentary).

As “the pattern breaker,” I function something like a prism for my clients. They bring me their challenges and personal context, and I help break up the mixed up blend of information and emotion into its constituent parts so they can see more clearly what is happening. We work together to find solutions they can implement. This process of holistic exploration and targeted action is built on my specific cognitive strengths and gifts.

I mentor in personality type alignment (rooted in the work of Carl Jung and nearly a century of derivative models such as the MBTI and Socionics) – understanding your own strengths, gifts, and limited capacities by type preference…then applying those insights to your specific life, interests, situation, and goals.

I coach relationship skills both by the example I set in relationship with my clients and by explicit teaching. Western culture, in general, operates in a fear-based, intimacy-avoidant way. But none of us are required to keep relating in the same ways we absorbed from our family or culture! We can learn how to communicate clearly, how to advocate for our own needs, how to listen so others feel understood, and how to work together toward mutually beneficial solutions instead of seeing relationships as win/lose games. These skills are LEARNABLE and ACTIONABLE – and the very first step is recognizing that truth!

I help clients to optimize their lives and break old patterns of thinking, being, and relating that are keeping them trapped in fear, disconnection, and exhaustion.

If you’re ready to make a change, let’s have a call to discuss your current challenges!

Key perspectives

Self-Love vs. Self-Loyalty

I was recently asked whether I *love* myself. I didn’t have an immediate answer. When I first began my personal growth journey that seemed an aspirational goal – certainly it sounds very good even now, doesn’t it? To LOVE yourself. What I said in response to the question was, “I don’t know, but I am…

What Is Inner Parenting?

Inner parenting is a form of self-coaching or self-leadership, where one consciously and consistently uses the most mature, developed, skilled, “adult” parts of the self to compassionately guide the less developed, less mature, less secure parts of the self. The inner dialogue mirrors how an attuned, respectful parent would guide a child. Inner parenting, or…

What Is a Parent’s Role?

Before I can unpack either inner parenting or the impacts of parental wounding, I want to offer my perspective on the role of the parent in a child’s life and development. I believe in respectful parenting, attachment parenting, free-range parenting, and trauma-informed parenting. I am a mother, so these ideas are not merely theory to…

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