What Is Integration Work?

I like to shorthand integration work as “Whole mind. Whole body. Whole experience.”

Integration work is about consciously making space in our lives for all the different aspects of ourselves so they can stop fighting one another. Inner conflict just keeps us fragmented and unable to express all of what we are.

It’s about understanding both our strengths and their mirrored atrophies in order to express our gifts and find graceful ways to get around the talents or capacities we lack. I don’t use typology as a box but rather a map – it doesn’t limit our destination; it tells us the best way to get there!

It’s about moving past experiences that cast a long shadow onto our present…turning them into the story of where we’ve been rather than letting them BE the story of what we are.

It’s about recognizing the vital importance of the body in our lives and our healing work, not just as the carrying case for our minds but as our home. Our bodies are precious resources that we should be honoring and enjoying, rather than merely existing within.

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